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Freddie Woolfork 1998 Society

The Freddie Woolfork 1998 Society is comprised of generous donors who have cumulatively contributed $100,000 or more to the Gifford Youth Achievement Center. Because of their generosity, the Center continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of today’s youth. The society’s name celebrates GYAC’s first employee, Freddie Woolfork, who has been with the Center since it opened in 1998.

Freddie Woolfork 1998 Society Members

Marcia and William Blackburn

Mrs. A. James Clark

Mr. Laird C. Cleaver

Carla and Bob Conaty

Carol and Tom Corr

Mr. Thomas A. Donahoe

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Evans

Lynda and Bill Glavin

Mr. and Mrs. George Higgs

Susan and Carter Hopkins

Sandy and George Kahle

Sheila and Andrew Kostanecki

Kathleen and Chris Lacroix

Ms. Mary T. Lewisy

Nancy and John Luther

Joanne and Brian McClatchy

Liz and Nick Melnick

Judi and John O’Steen

Mr. and Mrs. David E Pearson

Eilis and Jeffrey Powers

Trudie Rainone

Marsha and Barry Reardon

Marjorie and Danforth Richardson

Peggy and Norm Rickard

Sandy and Randy Rolf

Vin Ryan and Carla Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Steyer

Sara and Mike Whiting

Robin and Andy Williams

Joan N. Woodhouse

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