Legacy Society

The Gifford Youth Achievement Center invites you to join the Legacy Society. Members of this special group includes individuals who have notified us that they have made arrangements to leave a future gift to GYAC as well as those whose gifts have been realized.

Ellen C. Andrews*

Wallace C. Doud*

Cis and Bill Glavin*

Walter Jackson*

Doris R. Jorgensen*

Fredrick L. Lipfert*

Gwenda Lee Loy*

Liz and Nick Melnick

Danforth K. Richardson*

Robert W. Samuels*

Joyce Steggles*

Beverly J. Ukleja*

More Info on Planned Giving

Current Membership Listing

* Deceased Member

Why should I join the Legacy Society?

Why should I join the Legacy Society?

Create a plan for your gift that fulfills your personal intentions and objectives;

Designate GYAC’s use of your gift;

Maximize the impact of your gift; and

Allow GYAC to honor you during your lifetime

You can notify us of your intent to include GYAC in your estate plans by completing and mailing or faxing us a Declaration of Intent form.

For more information regarding the Gifford Youth Achievement Center Planned Giving Program and the GYAC Legacy Society, contact Peggy Gibbs, CFRE at 772.794.1005.

Consult with your financial advisor to determine the best plan for your specific situation.