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Youth Employability Program

GYAC’s Youth Employability Program (YEP) is designed to not only prepare today’s youth for the workforce, but to also give them a leg up in navigating and developing a successful career path. Ready to check YEP? Read on!

How It Works

Whether students wish to explore a career in engineering or healthcare,  YEP pairs students in grades 8 – 12 with local employers in their industry of interest to gain exposure and experience. Those in grades 5 – 7 can take part in the Pre-Employability Program (PREP) in preparation for the YEP.

YEP 101

Throughout the school year students will spend time in and out of the classroom exploring various career paths and honing their youth employability skills. Part of the YEP experience includes off-campus visits to fascinating places of business to gain a deeper understanding of career options within a particular industry.

Students then research their area of interest to determine education requirements, job opportunities and pay scales.

Summer Work Experiences

The YEP Year culminates with students finalizing their career path objectives for the summer and preparing for a panel interview in front of GYAC staff and board members. After the interviews, YEP students are paired with local employers who engage them in tasks at their workplaces. Best of all, students are paid for the work they perform! GYAC’s YEP summer work experience makes students feeling accomplished, confident and enthusiastic about their future.

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Sponsor. Engage. Support.

Local businesses are encouraged to sponsor a student through their career exploration journey. Seventy-five percent of businesses who sponsored a student during year one of YEP, have renewed their sponsorship.


Through GYAC’s Youth Employability Program, businesses have a unique opportunity to sponsor a student’s summer work experience. Making a financial commitment to our youth’s career development process, demonstrates your company’s shared desire to continue Changing Lives, Changing Futures.


YEP is all about student engagement. The more a student can learn and observe during their summer work experience the better, for both the student and the employer.

Examples of Areas of Interest:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Government
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Education


Employers are encouraged to attend GYAC’s YEP Finale to help celebrate the hard work and dedication of our students and business partners. Not only that, we encourage you to stay in touch with your summer intern beyond their summer work experience.

Ready to Say Yes to YEP?

For more information on GYAC’s Youth Employability Program, use the form below or call Jay Lundy, Director of YEP at (772) 794-1005.

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