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Since joining the Gifford Youth Achievement Center (GYAC), Mrs. Moore has served as an inspirational educator who brings joy and encouragement to her classroom. This year, she was excited to reunite with her former students to continue inspiring them to be “mighty warriors.”

To learn more about her, read the brief Q&A below:


Q: When did you start working at GYAC?

A: “I started working at GYAC in May 2018.”


Q: What grade level do you teach and why?

A: Previously, Mrs. Moore taught first grade students but decided to begin teaching second grade to keep her students on the “same level of learning.” She enjoys working with this age group because she believes they are “fun and impressionable.”


Q: How have your life experiences prepared you to be a teacher at GYAC?

A: Prior to working at GYAC, Mrs. Moore taught VPK students at Head Start – Economic Opportunities Council of Indian River County for one year. “I care about what happens to the kids. I don’t like kids to be hurting, so I try to do everything to make their lives easier.”


Q: What are you most proud of?

A: “When my students make honor roll. Last year, I had eleven out of sixteen students make honor roll.” Mrs. Moore believes that teaching her students “they can do anything” allows them to achieve more. This year, she has a classroom motto for her students, “the mighty warriors.” This motto reads: “Who are we? The mighty warriors. If they say it’s too hard? We push through. If they say we can’t do it? That’s not true. Tell them why! Because we can do anything we put our minds to.”


Q: If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

A: “For helping the community.” Mrs. Moore has been an active member of the Rivers of Living Waters Rhema Word Ministries for fifteen years. She loves “giving back” to the community and regularly participating in services, such as collecting items for the homeless and working with underprivileged children.


GYAC is excited to welcome Mrs. Moore back for another school year. She continues to provide a supportive and enriching environment for her students, empowering them to be “mighty warriors.” To receive the latest updates about our programs, be sure to follow us on social media.

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