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On Friday, June 30, we had another guest speaker named Mrs. Denise Smith, GYAC’s student support specialist. She talked to us about self-awareness. We had to write down our favorite things and three students had to read them in front of the class. We also had to write down how we felt about ourselves and tell the person next to us how we felt about them. I told my person that she was nice, pretty, and aggravating (out of love). She said that I was smart, quiet, and that “I act slick.” I felt like this activity was helpful because it compared how we perceive ourselves versus how others view us.

I felt like the presentation was useful because it gave you a chance to describe yourself. “You must be self-aware with the things you do and think before you speak, ” said De-Arrah. “It was interesting to learn this, ” said Landen. “I like how they taught us the importance of and how to have self-awareness,” said Aalaya.

In conclusion, we all learned that self-awareness is important for your mental health because it can help you figure out who you are. It can also help you find out what career path you want to follow. This has taught me that you may see yourself as one thing, but others see you as another. At the end of the program, Pastor Moore’s daughter concluded the presentation with her comments about why self-awareness is important.

YEP students listen to self-awareness presentation during Success Rally

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