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As a someone with a deep connection to the Gifford community, Larry Staley’s appreciation for the work done at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center (GYAC) grew immensely after joining the team. After learning more about the extraordinary opportunities provided to students at the GYAC, his love for the organization fueled his desire to make a positive impact as a Board Member.

To learn more about Mr. Staley, please read the Q&A below:


Q: When did you join the board?

A: “2018.”


Q: What/who first brought you to GYAC?

A: “A job.”


Q: What are you most passionate about?

A: “Children.”


Q: What do you love most about GYAC?

A: “The opportunities that are available for the community.”


Q: How have your life experiences prepared you to serve on GYAC’s Board?

A: “I am a person from the community and someone who works in it, so I have obtained enough experience to help make GYAC a successful place to be.”


Q: What are your hopes for GYAC’s future?

A: “That the young people can grow and become successful individuals.”


Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

A: “Bowling.”


The GYAC is pleased to have Mr. Staley as a part of the family. His contributions to the Board help the organization further its mission as it continues “Changing Lives, Changing Futures.”


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