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After researching local volunteer opportunities last year, Kathleen Walsh discovered an organization that exceeded her expectations. Shortly after signing up to be a volunteer, Kathleen quickly fell in love with the Gifford Youth Achievement Center (GYAC), which she calls her “happy place.” She exudes immense passion while working with children, who she seeks to inspire and motivate to follow their dreams.


To learn more about her, read the brief Q&A:


Q: When did you start volunteering at GYAC?

A: “February 2023.”


Q: How did you discover GYAC?

A: “Researching volunteer opportunities.”


Q: What are you most passionate about?

A: “Doing what I can to assist children in reaching their potential.”


Q: What do you love most about GYAC?

A: “The opportunities offered to children to explore and experience all sorts of activities they may otherwise not have, as well as the help GYAC provides children to learn and explore their options for the future.”


Q: What are your hopes for GYAC’s future?

A: “To expand the opportunities provided to learn and explore their options for the future.”


Q: How have your life experiences prepared you to serve as a GYAC volunteer?

A: “I have been involved in child advocacy work for all of my adult life including foster parenting and legal work on behalf of children in abusive situations.”


Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

A: “Other than at GYAC, I spend my free time reading.”


The GYAC is grateful to have Kathleen as a part of the team. The organization appreciates her hard work, dedication, and tremendous passion that she brings with her each day to the Center.


Want to join the fun? Become a GYAC volunteer today!

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