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On Friday June 16, 2023, Black Businesses came to GYAC to talk to the Youth Employability Program students about their business to celebrate Juneteenth. Before they talked about their business, they talked about the history behind Juneteenth.  

These businesses included; Zafem Caribbean Restaurant, De’Rion Group, Charr-Nix’s New Generation School of Beauty, and Crystal Clean of The Treasure Coast. Zafem Caribbean Restaurant serves Haitian Food. They also serve American food like wings and fries. I found the restaurant very interesting and may one day eat at the restaurant. De’Rion Group provides top-notch roofing services for residential and commercial clients who want outstanding value for their money and roofing needs. I found their presentation interesting because Ms. Shepherd had a lot of energy. I think that’s what drew the audience’s attention. Charr-Nix’s New Generation School of Beauty teaches the beauty of hair, skin, and nails. I believe that Dr. Rolle is a powerful and strong woman, because she came from a dreadful past to becoming a cosmetologist. Crystal Clean of The Treasure Coast is a cleaning company. They specialize in residential, commercial and yacht cleaning. I found this interesting because I find cleaning relaxing and to get paid doing it would be cool. Plus, you get to clean a yacht!  

After all of the business owners were done talking, we went to different tables to find out more information about each business. We also went outside to see De’Rion Group’s Truck.    

In conclusion, I liked the idea of all businesses coming together to come to GYAC and to talk to us kids about the history of Juneteenth and their business. I would definitely recommend they do this again next year. 

Ms. Perry was also there and found it interesting. So did Pastor Joe. “I had a wonderful time with the group today. Thank you for the opportunity to pour into the lives of these young people,” Pastor Joe said to Mr. Lundy.  The students even loved the event. “I felt more passionate about my skin color,” A’Nieyha said. “It was nice to see entrepreneurs of color. I learned that it doesn’t matter what your race is you can be an entrepreneur,” said Aalaya.  

Agustin speaks with business owner at YEP Juneteenth Success RallyYep Success Rally (6 16 23) Photo 8 (edited)Local, Black-owned businesses attend YEP Juneteenth Success Rally

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