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For the last three years, Mrs. Ciceron has served as an impactful educator in Indian River County, motivating students to excel in the classroom. She creates an enriching environment and invites relatable stories into her lessons to connect with students and excite them about learning.

To learn more about Mrs. Ciceron, read the brief Q&A below:


Q: When did you start working at GYAC?

A: “I started working at GYAC at the beginning of last school year. I love it here. I enjoy helping the kids with their homework and teaching them different techniques and strategies” to help them “solve their problems.”


Q: What grade level do you teach and why?

A: “At GYAC, I am a second-grade teacher. I also teach kindergarten at Dodgertown Elementary School.” Mrs. Ciceron enjoys teaching young children. She was inspired to pursue education as a career after working in the education department of a group home.


Q: How have your life experiences prepared you to be a teacher at GYAC?

A: “I come from a similar background as many of our students, so I am able to reach them in a way that some other teachers may not be able to do.”


Q: What’s your favorite subject?

A: “My favorite subject to teach is English and Language Arts (ELA).” ELA is her favorite subject because she enjoys relating specific reading passages with what her students are familiar with, so they can become excited about learning.


Q: What are you most proud of?

A: “I am proud of the growth I see in students at the end of the year when they have mastered certain standards.” Mrs. Ciceron recalls an inspiring moment when she was able to positively impact the life of her previous pre-kindergarten student who struggled with behavioral issues and speech delays. After providing the necessary tools to this student, she noticed a significant improvement in his overall development. “It makes me proud to see the way he carries himself and the way he speaks now.”


GYAC is proud to have Mrs. Ciceron as a part of the family. She continues to motivate students to achieve their goals and serves as a positive influence in their lives. With her support, GYAC can continue “Changing Lives, Changing Futures.”

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